Pack up time

Wednesday 23 July 2014

FROM Apatuntora Village Pentecost Island  TO  Port Vila


Another pack-up and travel day but this time by truck and Air Vanuatu from Apatuntora up the road to Sara airfield, then onto Santo for five hours and finally back to Vila – the end of our mission.

Knowing we would soon be back in the middle of winter, Andrew and I squeezed in one last snorkel before piling all our bags and eleven of us into a ute for the short drive to Sara airfield. John stayed behind to take all the bulky gear back to Vila on the barge, definitely the short straw!

Once again our pilot was Will Dyer the ice pilot, who gave us a very pleasant trip to Santo. Our plan was to pack swimmers for a swim at Santo. On his advice we took a cab to Lope Lope resort which is quite close to the airport. The idea of swimming again went west as we relaxed on the verandah over looking the lagoon had lunch and free WiFi.

Alas the WiFi brought the real world with it’s demanding emails filling in boxes and brought to mind the beauty of being without a data connection.

At the Melanesian Hotel we said a sad farewell to Bob and Dick our two wonderful Ni Van health workers, language and culture translators, and plain good blokes. These two were great workers and both knowledgeable in their fields

With electricity,  hot showers, shops and traffic, Vila is a world away from Pentecost Island. Truly a remote place definately out of the rat race. Tomorrow we have a bit of a sleep-in before a team debrief. Everyone except me is flying to Melbourne in the afternoon and I will be off first thing Friday.

I hope you found this blog useful and of interest.

At times I really did not feel like writing,  but I am glad I did, as in doing so, I have had to ponder this experience more deeply and I am the richer for it.


Above: A 5 hour stop-over at Lope Lope was a lovely little break and a real treat!





Above: Our colourful Air Vanuatu Twin Otter


Cheers for now,





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