Sunday rest ?

Sunday 20 July


Apatuntora Pentecost Island


An easy morning setting up the clinic and then a lovely long sn orkel over a varied and interesting reef from another small coral beach which was over hung by trees growing on the steep slope above.

The clinic opened at one pm and from then on until dark it was all hands on deck.

In Melsisi we had been told there will not be much dental work at Apatuntora as there was a dentist. We found out that the word “was” was the only part of that statement that held truth. The “dentist” was a dental worker and had departed at least two years ago. So the dental team of six was flat out. Dr Andrew (not a dentist) was given a quick lesson on administering local anesthetic and became the seventh team member.

When the dentists are going hard the rest of the dental team is going hard too. Implements were raced down to the sterilizer, washed (ie removing the blood and bits of teeth), rinsed, sterilized in the pressure cooker, dried and sent back for another use.

At the end or the day we were tired but satisfied.

Amos Tabi the clinic director advised we could expect more of the same tomorrow.




Above:  The waiting room



Above: The view from George’s house


Till tomorrow





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