Brief message received …

Tuesday 22 July



News just to hand (text message received)


Found Marrapea* got a photo!
Now in Apatuntora interesting 3.5 hour drive very rough in parts a little rain would stop travel. Toyota Landcruiser utes are awesome!
Very  poor phone signal here.

Hi again finally found signal will see if I can send a blog


Ed:  No message received yet.  Will post when received



*  Four years ago, (2010) Dr Graeme Duke diagnosed Parkinsons Disease in a lady who had been unwell for months – lying on a mattress  Here are two photos from 2010 showing the making of a walking frame and the lady herself up and about.  The joyful news is that 4 years later Cam and the team were able to find Marrapea alive and well (we look forward to seeing the current photo when it comes through)

Doctor with hacksaw – always a worry…



Marrapea is off and running, well, maybe not running as such






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